Saturday, September 13, 2014

Body Butter & Lotion Bars

Sorry, you don't get pictures with this one :/  If you MUST see the stages, do a search for Body Butter tutorial and I'm sure somebody has some pictures up on their site.

These are really pretty standard recipes.  The proportions are kinda important, but there is a lot of room to play, to make it your own.

Body Butter
3 oz coconut oil
3 oz shea butter
3 oz cocoa butter
3 oz Rice Bran Oil
a few drops of vitamin E oil

You can also add 1 tsp cornstarch or arrowroot powder to cut the greasy feeling, too.
If you have an organic coconut oil & an unrefined cocoa butter the smells come through wonderfully!  Keep that in mind if you decide to add an EO.  The EO seems to be nice at 1/2 tsp for this batch if you choose to add one.

Melt your oils & butters, you can leave out the ones already liquid & add them after the hard oils are melted & cooling.  You can add the cornstarch/arrowroot any time before it is done, but it incorporates well in the oils.

When the oils are around room temperature stick them in the freezer (or outside in the winter if it's cold).  The oils will start to firm up.  When the oils are getting solid around the edges, use a hand mixer (with beaters or whisk) to beat it like whipped cream.  If it doesn't want to beat, stick it back in the freezer for a few minutes & try again.  You can also put the bowl with your oils in an ice bath to cool & keep it cool.  I beat mine to the consistency of soft peak whipped cream & pipe or spoon into jars.  Now, wasn't that easy?  And oh, what a lovely product!  If you whip it too stiff, the consistency is more like hard butter from the fridge.  Makes it hard to apply.  You can remelt it & go through the steps again to get the consistency you want.  Another thing to remember is that by whipping it the oils increase in volume, so have extra jars handy.

You don't NEED to use Rice Bran Oil.  Check out my "Lots o Links" page for links to info on different oils to determine their qualities.  I have also made a real nice butter with all mango for the butter portion & canola & castor for the liquid portion.  It's heavier/greasier, but some of us NEED that in the winter.

Basic Lotion Bars

These are a solid lotion that when applied to the skin, melt for easier application.  I have given these out & people come up with all kinds of things to do with them.  They make great lip balm, heel softeners, cuticle conditioners. These really need some kind of container.  I usually use small molds that will fit in those 3 1/4 oz deli cup things that salad dressing comes in if you order a to go salad.  Of course, you can put them in fancier containers, or even a plastic bag.

4 oz beeswax (the yellow unrefined smells wonderful!)
4 oz coconut oil
4 oz Rice Bran Oil (or oil of your choice)
1/2 oz vitamin E oil

Melt beeswax & coconut, stir & cool slightly then add the liquid oil & vitamin E, mix well & pour into molds.

Salve Base

So many things to put in salves.  Making your own Vicks type decongestant with EOs or Infusing coconut or Olive oil with healing herbs.  I've even heard of people making pine tar salves.

Use 2 oz coconut oil  (or olive oil)
and 1-2 oz palm oil (or beeswax)

Melt together, stir, add your EOs stir & put in a jar.  The salve solidifies to a vaseline like consistency.  Leave the lid off until it hardens to avoid condensation.  Water or water based liquids make mold & bacteria & you do not want that in your salve!

You can make a Vicks like salve with Lavender, Camphor, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus.  You will have to experiment with the amounts to suit your taste.  I listed the EOs in order least to most drops I like in mine.


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